A colloquial Psycho-social explanation on the above Nigerian matter by Prof John Egbeazien Oshodi

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A colloquial Psycho-social explanation on the above Nigerian matter by Prof John Egbeazien Oshodi

I did not fully know then. Read this story to get what I am saying.

I was on holidays from my secondary school. Around 6 am in the morning I can hear my father and my mother speaking in a very low voice in Hausa language (they do this when they do not want the children to understand them). I knew something was wrong.

My mother started weeping. Then with her calm voice she said son get ready to follow your father they just transferred him to where nobody wants to go.

Is not too far from here (Warri) my son get ready. The police driver is waiting. He will drive you and your dad then you will then take a boat to get his new station

He will be the S.O (station officer).

Good God, that woman was naturally brilliant with no formal education due to traditional maltreatment of young females (early marriages). Just like now with these females.

Then I went straight to dad. I said let us go.

We got to the place. A swampy riverine area. A small building with two adjacent rooms. One side is the police post. The other side was our room and parlor.

Hmmm. Come see afternoon mosquitoes. As worse as the night ones.

He had two policemen under him.

We cooked and eat beans day in and day out.

After a few days I asked my father a lefty handed man while writing on his diary (a habit I never got into).

I said why are you all the way here from Warri city.

He looked at me intently and intensely.

“Ejonny (john). It is called   retaliation transfer ” i was only 14 or 15 years old. Sir, please explain.

“this senior officer is serving Benin city headquarters, but he is a native of Warri each week he visits he wants us in Warri to come greet him…give him something. I stopped visiting.:”

My son this is the result.

We only spent less than 10 days in the swamp as a signal came from Lagos that my father should return to Warri asap. There was a young senior officer that had served under my father but was now in a very in a very sensitive position in Lagos the main headquarters. He heard about the abuse of power from my mother whom he took as his second mother (that woman do not play ooo).

Guess what the wicked oga ( so called powerful person) by way of retaliatory transfer reportedly was moved from Benin city headquarters to  a training school as the new ogakpatakpa. No more oppressed officers coming to see him with special “gifts” This was in the 1970s oooo.

So the psychology of emotional transfers, a motif in diabolical or unobjectionable institutional environments started long time ago oooooo.

20 years later while my  father was visiting me and my older brother in USA having been shot in the eye by arm robbers he saw books like ” police management,  prison management, probation and parole administration, criminal investigation, criminal law…” he began to scream. Son I am a police trainer we need this in Nigeria.

I was doing my master’s degree then.

He said you will come home ooo.. they are waiting for you… meaning police SPO ( senior police officer) training college.

I said sure I go come. I said dad I saw what you and many others went through. That is why I am a police scientist. He screamed again.

I really wanted to return home during this military era.

As usual my mom who was very spiritual and bold said God forbid. In letters after letters she said no way oooo

This was in 1987.

I wrote back. Mom I spoke to the training commandant I told him I have degrees in police and prison management/science. He said after my training I will become their lecturer as no one has such degrees.

” I don’t care your father’s people, the whole country (mind you there is no state she has not lived in as a police wife) something is wrong here. You must not come back to this gutter or I will do something to myself:

My father after many months returned home.

I did not tell him my talk with mom.

As I started ruminating on my mother’s warnings and recalling the insane institutional behaviors I  saw as a child… the retaliations especially I decided to study psychological medicine with a focus on clinical psychology, police/prison psychology, forensic psychology. With a PhD in my hand. I visited Nigeria after 10 years of sojourn.

My father now a retiree said son he is waiting for you. The commandant. I met him he liked me and was happy to see me. I promised to come back the following year (1992).

Someone told my mother the plan. she waited till I got back to America. Saw me off from Uromi to Lagos airport.

First phone call. ” my son that your father with their nonsense plan (she is from idumague of uromi.. bold and proud people). If you come then see what I will do to myself… my son I know you I know you like book, if you mistakenly write or say anything they will retaliate… they poison each other, they petition each other it is a war…”

I took my mother’s advice.

After she visited America returned home and was killed because the there was no light during a minor surgery in a Benin city hospital in 1999. I have been in and out of Nigeria silently since then….

Back to this female officers. What crime or offense did they commit in the age of the social media?

I ask again ogakpatakpas and madams (so called powerful persons) of Nigeria tell me ooooooooooo.

Let me go and sleep it is almost 3 am my time

I weep.

We will get there institutionally and democratically in 59 years. Rest in power pap and mom.

Prof John Egbeazien Oshodi is the founder of Psychoafricalytic Psychology and expert is Democratic issues in emerging societies like Nigeria.