Transatlantic Enrichment And Refresher Institute (TERI) is an Ethical Institute, building alliances with Universities, mainly within African and multicultural environments. Our top goal is to empower, enable and educate.

TERI stands out as a Cyber Ethical Psychological Resource for modernizing Individuals, universities, institutions who desire to find new solutions to tough ethical problems. Visitors and partners of TERI will find information needed for redesigning, tweaking, reconfiguring system upgrades that will provide new ways to connect Institute and students, while enhancing the ability of administrators, faculty and staff to perform their jobs. TERI’s focus is on sharing thought- provoking expertise that promotes and elevates student and institutional communities.

TERI is an on-line Go-to Ethics resource to modernize the mindset of your students, workers and institution. To meet the 21st-Century, we provide resources to move away from most of the traditional-aged approaches in curriculum, systems and governance by drawing on a variety of frameworks. TERI is that “Place” with a focus on developing frameworks to allow learning and academic operators to realize sustainable strategies.

As an Institute for ethically rebranding universities, we provide actionable steps and resources to help campuses become simultaneously safe and less dangerous, under a safely balanced academic space and socially desirable environment.

Transatlantic Enrichment And Refresher Institute (TERI)-International e-Ethics Institute (TERI) programs include personal enrichment, personal interest, professional refresher, professional development, customized workforce training, industry/institution contract training, general test preparation, and retirees’ interests, as well as community education non-credit courses.

Our ethics driven or related programs will provide enriching and cutting edge courses for professionals and other individuals who are not required to meet continuing education standards within their specialties. The Certificate of Participation or Completion will serve as verification of attendance where indicated. In order to be a part of revolutionizing education in the world, including developing populations especially, TERI will create customized courses, rely on specialized platforms to create, manage and offer content and also have the goal to partner with online education platforms in delivering free massive open online courses (MOOC) by excellent academics and experts that may result in credit or noncredit certifications.

Currently TERI on its own does not offer continuing education units nor credits for re-certification or licensing purpose in any State, a goal we are currently working on.

One of TERI’s future goals is to offer courses by partnering or affiliate with respected continuing education providers to bring you quality online course that will be acceptable for your license/certification renewal. It is a good idea and highly advisable to check for updates from your state, county or city on a regular basis before registering for any course in our catalog.

TERI is an Ethics/Psychology resource where you get customized needs-based services to integrate ethics in your institutional culture resulting in customized solutions and improved classrooms, faculties and workplaces.

We stand out as a conscious and deliberate resource for learning institutions and instructive frameworks to help create climates that encourage ethical student and institutional behaviors and practices.

TERI seeks to develop and serve a movement for Ethics/Psychology skill-building to empower both the present and a new generation of learners and educators in Africa. We believe that all human beings — regardless of tribe, ethnicity, class, religion, gender, other status — deserve a universal opening to ethical education. Our modern ethics-related lessons, information assistance, and cultured development for learning and institutional programs are based on that belief.

Improving Ethical Communities is the Core of our Profession.
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