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A Psychoafricalytic Origin : Therapy


This paper seeks to present an African centered therapeutic approach the Proactive solution brief Therapy (PSBT); a form of brief therapy which is a direct head-on type of focused therapeutic process that relies on solution driven assessment, client commitment, and rapid implementation of adjustment strategies. The history of brief therapy is given and explained. The paper presents the Proactive solution brief Therapy which uses an assessment procedure called the Proactive Solution Brief Assessment (PSBA) to demonstrate the therapeutic process. Explanations on therapeutic actions in the practice of the Proactive Solution Brief Therapy (PSBT)
are presented in form of five areas of questioning or exploration as it relates to a client’s interest in what he or
she is already doing that could help achieve the solution. This introductory paper on the practice of a brief type of therapy like the Proactive Solution Brief Therapy (PSBT) shows the need for clinicians and therapists to look for a client’s strengths, resources and commenting positively on them help clients manage their lives better.

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